Book Publishing Coach

As an agent and coach to award-winning authors, I have secured multiple offers for many authors – all from the ‘Big 5’ publishing houses. I’d love to help you achieve your publishing dreams!

Sometimes, extremely gifted and talented people, small business owners, entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, soulful business owners all have a brilliant book idea and concept, and knowledge or wisdom they’d like to share with the world, but don’t know where to start; they have all the ingredients for success, but don’t know how to bring it together into a strategic plan to produce a winning book proposal (for non-fiction/to sell to a publisher) and write a book that will sell in their genre. Often, they have no idea what their long-term vision is for their career, or how a book is an excellent tool to help increase their credibility, their platform or secure more business or speaking gigs for example. This is where I can help: It’s my passion, and I love nothing more than to help coach people to realise their vision, their purpose, and ultimately their dreams where their business and their book is concerned.

I’ve worked with some amazing authors (as you will see on the other pages – there are more in the pipeline!) who have gone on to win awards and triple their speaker fees! My programme includes insight on book concepts and market, industry insight, what’s expected in terms of social media and platform – absolutely everything you need to make it in a highly competitive book publishing market.

I know what publishers want, and I also know all the steps an author needs to take to ensure they have a winning book proposal and a book publishers will want to snap up! It’s not easy to get in front of the likes of Penguin Random House, Hachette and other major publishing houses. But I know how, and I can help you get there.

If you’d like to find out more about what I offer, get in touch! I only ever coach a select few clients at any given time – so space on my 1:1 coaching programmes is limited.

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