The Moon Dust Dream Dictionary: Unlock the True Meanings of Your Dreams with the Wisdom of the Moon
by Florance Saul
Published by Watkins Publishing – May 2023

Rebel Heart Tarot
by Alice Grist and Niki Cotton
Published by Welbeck Balance – December 2022

Glow in the Dark
by Mark Leruste
Published by John Murray Learning, Hodder & Stoughton – December 2022

Future Human Behavior: Understanding What People Are Going To Do Next
by Thimon De Jong
Published by Routledge – 23 November 2022

by Simon Alexander Ong
Published by Penguin Business – April 2022

Work Remotely
by Anastasia Tohmé and Martin Worner
Published by Penguin Business for their Expert Series – November 2021

by Louisa Clarke and David Kean
Published by Piatkus, Little, Brown – July 2021

The Power of Clarity
by Ann Latham
Published by Bloomsbury Business – July 2021

Start With What Works
by Andy Bass PhD
Published by Pearson – April 2021

Ultimate Guide to Business Writing
by Julian Maynard-Smith
Published by Routledge – 16 March 2021

Talking with Angels of Wealth
by Amanda Hart
Published by Orion Books, Hachette – January 2021

Future Proof Your Business
by Tom Cheesewright
Published by Penguin Business – July 2020

The Book of Tarot
by Alice Grist
Published by Piatkus, Little, Brown – July 2020

The Unfair Advantage: How You Already Have What It Takes To Succeed
by Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba
Published by Profile Books – January 2020

Talking with Angels of Love
by Amanda Hart
Published by Orion Books, Hachette – January 2020

I Am My Brand
by Kubi Springer
Published by Bloomsbury Business – October 2019
(Rights Available – Foreign Language)

Talking with Angels of Light
by Amanda Hart
Published by Orion Books, Hachette – June 2019

Self Made
by Bianca Miller-Cole and Byron Cole
Published by Hodder & Stoughton – October 2017


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